How To Fix PS5 Error SU-101312-8Helpful Guide

How To Fix PS5 Error SU-101312-8 |Helpful Guide

Hello everyone welcome to playstation error guides I’m going to show you how to fix the playstation PS5 Error SU-101312-8

You Can Fix PS5 Error WV-33898-1 By These Methods:

1. Restart PlayStation 

The first thing you are going to do is restart your PlayStation this can fix Error Code PS5 Error SU-101312-8 restarting PlayStation is a little bit different than the other ones because there’s a possible bug that’s keeps occurring the network disturbance which causes this PS5 Error WV-33898-1 if it doesn’t help follow next 

2. Use Lan Cable 

Now to fix the error PS5 Error SU-101312-8 go to the Set Up Internet Connection If you can switch over from Wi-Fi to a Lan cable that would be highly preferable to do and fix error PS5 Error SU-101312-8

3. Change Primary And Secondary DNS 

To fix error PS5 Error SU-101312-8 go to custom and going to automatic and Do Not Specify and Manual For DNS We’re going to change Primary DNS by and Secondary DNS by if you’re in a different region and it just doesn’t work for you

I want you to try different DNS to fix error PS5 Error WV-33898-1 there’s like and then there’s and there’s like a different a lot of bunch ones you can find online i want you to kind of like try that out as well 

4.Unplug Router For 15-20 Seconds And Plug In 

First thing I want you to fix the PS5 Error SU-101312-8 actually go to Settings go to Network and I want you to go to Set Up Internet Connection and now go to your router find it if you can wherever it is in your house, your office or whatever find it and I want you to do one or two things 

First i want you to unplug the router and keep it 15 to 20 seconds plug it back in let it turn on it will fix PS5 Error SU-101312-8

5. Factory Reset Router 

Now to fix PS5 Error SU-101312-8 take a pin or your finger if it’s clickable and reset the router from the back like a very small button and it says reset 

I want you to reset it and this is what this is going to do is it is going to basically factory reset your router into its original settings What I initially came out and fix error PS5 Error SU-101312-8

You will be like i never change anything but get this error PS5 Error SU-101312-8 you’re probably right but it can automatically change hacker could have changed they are at good It just automatically change because of some network configuration cause the error PS5 Error SU-101312-8

So to fix PS5 Error SU-101312-8 you want to make sure it goes back to its original settings and in a lot of times It’s actually end up happening with updating the router you may be surprised your router does update

If you have a spare router change it to the spare router and see if this error PS5 Error SU-101312-8goes away as well 

6. Test The Internet Connections

If above one doesn’t work to fix error PS5 Error SU-101312-8 you want to click on Next and now Automatic then Do Not Use and then Test The Internet Connections

Once you do this you should be able to successfully connect and fix the error PS5 Error SU-101312-8 then you should be able to like log in and do whatever you want on PSN Moving forward that’s basically it

7. System Update

It’s a weird error PS5 Error WV-33898-1 if for some reason this doesn’t work just quickly try to see if you have a possible system update on your console as well and just update your console and it will fix PS5 Error WV-33898-1 then you should be good to go

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  1. Its none of this, its a broken disc drive from what I've read, stupid update does a hardware check to get more money in repairs from their crappy hardware.

  2. Yes, its a broken disc drive!

  3. I have this on a brand new ps5. I checked all cables and they're OK.


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